Khanbogd wind farm

The project’s name comes from a close sacred mountain, Khanbogd.

The project is located in  Umnogobi province, the southernest province which has a long border with China. The site is 50 km Southeast from the Oyu-Tolgoi mine (gold and copper) and airport, also 750 km South from Ulaanbaatar, the capital.

The surroundings of the project are characterized by  dry semi-desertic plain with few vegetation (elm and saxaul trees). The soil, rocky grey and brown sandy clay loams, is the most visible feature.

The design of the wind farm is a double North-South line of wind turbines starting around 4 km above the Gashuun Sukhait Road and developing towards the North.

The connecting point to the national grid of electricity transportation is at the CES Oyu Tolgoi substation, just North of the mine. The overhead line will be around 60 km long toward North-West.

The wind farm layout is composed of 24 wind turbines (corresponding to the first phase of development of the project – 102 MW). The nominal capacity of each generator is 4,25 MW.

The wind farm is expected to produce electricity in January 2025 after about 2 years of construction phase.

The cold temperature of Mongolian winter makes necessary to plan the construction outside of winter period.